Encompasses: Music Rooms (separated by genre), Live Event Hall (obviously inactive)

Hang is a strange world. It is generally the first world that first time users travel to after leaving GZ for the first time. Hang was constructed as – you guessed it – a hangout spot for Worlds users, specifically users that wanted to talk music. But something far eerier was left behind.

Like most areas of Worlds, it is hard to explain how completely devoid of life Hang really is. When you walk into the once crowded spaces and hallways that are Hang, you walk into a space that some used to call their hobby – some, their after work hangout – others, home.

This is a reoccurring theme amongst most of the worlds; Worlds Chat client is a virtual ruin – when you step into Worlds, you step into a beautiful, nostalgia ridden, graveyard.

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