Still Interested in archival efforts for 2015? Email Me! // November 27th, 2014 Edit

It's been a hell of a year for me, guys.

But after being busy for so long (including a 6 month stint in college that ended with a house robbery), I'm back home for the year. With that, I hope to pick up community archival again as a hobby while I'm not working. Are you still interested, as well? Drop me a line sometime, please. I'm not sure how/what I want to do exactly, but whatever it is, I want to create "professional", archival-quality documents to seed into the internet for future generations to experience. This could branch beyond old chat platforms.

However it works out, I'd love to see who is still interested. I know you're out there.

- Issac

News Update // July 20th, 2013 Edit

I'm going off to college soon. Needless to say, I won't have much time at all to visit, and visiting may be the most I can do. I move in 2 weeks, and I'm making it a point to avoid using my computer as much (I spend way too much time on it as it is) -- so that means I will be doing tours (see below) and organizing all the information I've gathered over this past year and a half to make sure it all ends up here, and so that the community has some platform to add on to before that happens.

I really do hope that more people will pick up the craft of archaic community archival.

Tour DatesEdit

Welcome to GradualDIME!Edit

The GradualDIME Wiki is dedicated solely to the documentation and exploration of the Worldsplayer chat client. Here you will find detailed information on specific worlds, history of the program, users, helpful links, and eventually a very complete WorldsMark glossary. All of which are being constantly developed, but due to the lack of dedicated help, it will definitely be a process.

  • A populated GroundZero
  • Self Portrait
  • Market Square GZ, by Jimbly
  • View of GroundZero building from the desert


Instead of creating another PDF packet (like my original release? ), I wanted to create something that would serve as a more accessible information portal. This also allows the editing of information at any time, rather than worrying about sending out copies of a flawed PDF that I can't retract. I hope to create something that the community can use as a resource for years to come. Needless to say, I will focus on streamlining typically hard to collect information (such as WorldsMarks, gleaned site links, etc.).

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